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We showcase and sell Japanese swords by Modern Masters in Japan. Our site is an ongoing project to document the work of these modern geniuses.

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Summer 2011 Update:

Things have been slow lately so we have dropped the price significantly
on the Masashiro katana in mounts
. Perfect for the experienced martial artist or for the new collector modern traditionally made Japanese Swords.


March 2010 Update:

Things have sold. But we have a new Shinken for martial arts practitioners. Fully mounted and ready to use for a very low price. Bizen-no-Kuni-Masashiro shinken.

We also have a few Kogatana by World Famous Mukansa Smith Ono Yoshimitsu in polish in shirasaya for a limited time. Contact us for information.


October 2010 Update:

Ono Yoshimitsu katana fully mounted.

Unpolished katana by Yasumitsu made from Noma Dojo Nails

September 2010 Update

Mounted sword signed by 5 smiths made from old Noma Dojo Nails added to the site.

Tanto by Oda Kuzan added to the site.



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